Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Flies Coop, Empties Nest

That was some moment...
giving our baby away.

Below are 5 wonders that filled one young girls dream for motherhood...
...which in turn developed into so much more
To come full circle and back where we started 32 years ago.
New Status:  Empty Nested
* oh boy *

Deeply Loved

I wear these cloth fibre bangles every day to remind me.
And I'm reading a book called Deeply Loved by Keri Wyatt Kent.
Through many recent conversations, I have discovered 
I am SO not alone with these fears and doubts of mine.  
Keri's book is subtitled 
"40 ways in 40 days to experience the heart of Jesus"...from page 2
Augustine asserted, "God loves each of us like an only child."
You may not believe that.  Or perhaps, you do believe it 
on an intellectual or theological level, but you don't feel it.
You have never, or perhaps only rarely, 
experienced that deep love.
But what if he was right?
This is my much needed Advent 'activity'.