Monday, June 25, 2012

Don’t Pretend

Gifted for Leadership: Don’t Pretend

Wearing a mask?  Keeping up appearances?  Transparency troubling you?

It's a universal condition.

One day, we're going to have a big Burn the Fig Leaf bonfire and be done with it.
Meanwhile, enjoy this tack on the subject.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Children's Music Matters | Christianity Today

Children's Music Matters | Christianity Today

As one with the enviable position of being able to introduce good music and song into the lives of +100 elementary students, you know that this title would have grabbed my attention immediately.
I first heard Sandra McCracken sing a soulful rendition of "Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul" at the Gospel Coalition in Chicago.  I've been tracking her music ever since along with that of her hubby Derek Webb (Indelible Grace) and am just now, digesting her first ever album for kids Rain For Roots which I first purchased as a four song pre-sale product available on NoiseTrade.
You've been asking where I find my music.
NoiseTrade is one of the newest favourite places to search for good and upcoming music and a most excellent forum to 'test' it without investing too much too early.
The money I have wasted collecting music that I seldom or never listen to again is lamentable.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ashley's Piano students

Piano recital tonight in my church.
Nineteen students (almost all of whom I meet regularly in the choir room at CCS) made their way one after the other - to the front on that fine upright piano - to pull out all the stops and play their best for us.
In a word?  Jaw~dropping delight.  Okay. I get it.
That was two ~ a noun and an adjective.
But worth so many more.  I digress.

All my favourite songs too.  Wow.  That was about all she could say.
It felt very much like a worship experience to me.
Here's my token of gratitude to you and your teacher.
Thanks for making this world a much lovelier place, for Adding to the Beauty in your own unique way.