Thursday, January 6, 2011

Processing Pain - the lighter side

A True Story...
Three year-old grand-daughter Danielle, 
one of five precious ones 
so precocious...
... so wild in a wonderful kind of way.
She was processing the events of Christmas Day where she roamed among 75 relatives, each coping with the somber reality of having to say a final goodbye to (super) grandma; 
the atmosphere heavy with tears and laughter in constant collision...
She found me at the kitchen table at the end of a day filled with fine food & finer fellowship.  
I hoisted her up to fasten the last few buttons on her coat.  
Out of the blue, she pulled my face close to hers (eyelashes almost touching) and exclaimed 
"Grandma?  We are ALL going to die!"
And then, without skipping a beat, she said -
.... Can I have some chocolate?
She does an aching heart so much good.