Monday, August 30, 2010

The Morning After

It's 6:30 am ... the morning mist is just starting to lift.  
I wander through whatever remains of the week's wedding festivities.
A little war is being waged here - between a body that wants to sleep a little while longer 
and a spirit who wants to keep celebrating. 
The quiet meandering brings a welcome relief to my restlessness. 
I am thankful for yet another moment in time that can be at once lovingly recalled 
AND fully enjoyed in present and future tense too.    
Such are the gifts of a Gracious God -- always over the top!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Our son and his one and only.
Today is the big day.  I think we're ready over here.
I'm going down to brew a strong pot of coffee - we're going to have breakfast on the deck and give everything a final look over.  
Yesterday, my little boy came through the kitchen with two rubbermaid totes of personal belongings, 
en route to his own home.  
I quickly turned away and busied myself with the dishes.
Ugh.  Why does a grand moment like this have to stomp and squeeze my heart?  
Nevermind all this.  I am ready.  
I think.  :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrating God's Faithfulness * Family and Faith

Our children organized a family photoshoot to commemorate our wedding anniversary...
Celebrating LIFE with my family pretty much hogs the top spot in my Most Favourite Things To Do.  Having it captured on film by a talented photographer is beautiful bonus.   
Thanks so much to Krista of Edison for her comfortable manner - unique style of work and excellent management of our group!  Thank you Amy (and siblings) for sourcing the best and thinking of such a gift, we love it!
Sure, we live in a broken world, but I still see a whole lot of God's goodness as we journey along together.   Remarkable is the word I will use to define the experience.  
And for all the moments like these?  
Incandescent will do.
I look at this --- 
and feel an all too familiar lump forming somewhere down the neck region again.
*sigh* ... don't know whether to laugh or cry anymore.
So I do both.